Walking Pedometers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Freestyle products are the result of a seminal venture started in 1981 by two surfers who wanted watches that could endure the abuse they took in the water and on the beach. Probably everyone could agree that sport watches that can survive the pounding and water pressure of a surfing lifestyle are among the world's toughest timepieces. Other products have been added to the company's product list, but their first watch is arguably their most famous.

The Shark was--and is--very light with a low profile to protect the workings as much as possible. Today, Freestyle products cover many sports, and offer varied products to enhance performance and sports experiences. The company has an analog metal collection, and manufactures heart rate monitors, pedometers, stopwatches, and other fitness accessories.

Freestyle Products Are Top Quality

Whether your fitness program takes you outdoors on beaches and hiking through hills, or primarily on land in gyms for weight training, Freestyle products are excellent companions, designed to be rugged, but also sleek in styling. One of the continuing goals of the company is to hire young people who are fiercely devoted to their sports so fresh concepts are always forthcoming.

These new employees are a source of inspiration and new ideas for improving the quality of products, and for developing new products that will appeal to sports enthusiasts of both genders. Freestyle has a line of watches meant for female surfers and fitness adherents; both the colors and styles are intended to look more feminine than some other watches in the lineup. This is a company determined to be innovative and to manufacture products that help exercisers perform their best with the best feedback.

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