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Weightlifting Accessories

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many different types of weightlifting accessories that can assist you in strength training. You can purchase gloves, belts, ab straps, wrist wraps, a leather dip belt, a nylon head harness, ankle straps, knee wraps and padded lifting straps to guard your body against injury. You can also purchase external equipment such as an exercise wheel, Olympic weight adaptor, equipment mat, bar pad, or a rubber coated add-on weight.

Uses for Weightlifting Accessories

Weightlifting accessories are beneficial because they can protect your body, promote proper form, and technique, and make strength training with free weights more comfortable. Belts, gloves, and straps are mainly used to protect your joints, back, and hands from unnecessary resistance. Other accessories can help you with the actual process of performing strength training exercises.

Weightlifting accessories can be made from various materials. The most common materials for belts, straps, pads, and gloves are leather and nylon. Both of these materials are strong, yet flexible for strength training. Some are made from materials that can be washed easily as well.

External equipment such as an exercise wheel or push up bar will not assist you with free weights. They are additional tools for achieving strength training separately. These tools are relatively inexpensive and small, so you can store them easily in your home and use them at any time.

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