Bifocal Sunglasses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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It can be very uncomfortable to read outside in the sun, especially if you need reading glasses. There's no need to suffer this discomfort though. You can easily buy attractive, comfortable and effective bifocal sunglasses so that you can read to your heart's content, while still looking the part. If you want to be active outside, special bifocal sunglasses for fishing, golfing or other sporting activities are also available.

Staying Active in the Sun

Typically, bifocal sunglasses consist of polarized polycarbonate lenses with added UV protection. They will allow you to do all the things you've been used to doing outside in the sun. If you are doing something that requires movement, you will need the advantage of a bifocal lens so as not to have to keep changing glasses. For those who need it, it is possible to buy bifocal lenses with a clear window for close up work.

Bifocals come in various strengths, so you can get the exact strength that you need to correct your near vision accurately. There are a number of online tests to see what strength you need for reading. Alternatively, you could ask someone at your local optometrist's store.

Before you buy bifocal sunglasses, be sure that they meet your needs. As with any type of glasses, you can find something to suit you within your price range, whatever that may be. In addition to cheap off-the-peg solutions, you can find stunning designer bifocal sunglasses too. A useful tip is to try several different styles of sunglasses before you make your purchase. Don't just look at the style. While this is important, you need to choose a pair that is comfortable to wear too.

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