Clic Reading Glasses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Among the vast world of reading glasses, Clic makes a range that is popular with a wide spectrum of clientele. If you want something ergonomically pleasing and supremely practical, then you should look at the Clic range. They are modern, without being too way out, and for a number of reasons they're hot sellers.

The distinguishing feature of Clic is the ingenious magnetic closure they're famous for. This is a great alternative to the granny chain that we've all seen, or the other alternatives, which may be losing or sitting on your glasses. If you have problem keeping your reading glasses where you need them, this may be a perfect solution for you.

Revolutionary Solution

Clic glasses have an extension on the ear piece which closes behind your head by means of a magnetic closure. It helps to keep your reading glasses in place while you're wearing them, and it also allows them to hang comfortably round your neck when you don't need them.

In addition to the unique headband/neck strap, Clic glasses have perfected a rugged, yet lightweight construction that is suitable for both men and women. They are equally appropriate for the office, a leisure setting or for casual or formal attire. In addition to all their unique features, the Click Magnetic Reader is very affordable.

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