Crystal Reading Glasses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Although glamour is not for everyone, some of us like to incorporate a little sparkle into our accessories. For women who demand accessories that are feminine as well as practical, there can't be anything more stylish than reading glasses that fulfill all the criteria. Reading glasses that feature frames encrusted with real crystal are pretty much the epitome of diva style.

Perhaps most chic are the understated frames with a dash of crystal to either side. These are definitely for the Diva in you. There are two very stylish examples of reading glasses with crystal studded frames; take a look at the Butterfly and Firefly collections. However, there's a very wide range of reading glass frames that incorporate a crystal decoration, with a style to suit any woman.

Pay Attention to Your Comfort

Although it can be tempting to concentrate on how we look, remember to pay attention to how your reading glasses are serving you. Are they the right strength for your eyes? You can use an online eye chart to check that you're using the right strength. In addition, comfort is of great importance.

If you spend a lot of time wearing reading glasses, make sure that they fit perfectly. Anything pinching the bridge of your nose can easily cause headaches within a short period of time. Also, decide whether you need bifocals, half frames, or full eye reading glasses. What you choose will depend on how long you spend doing close up work, and what your other activities are.

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