Eye Cataracts

Written by Julie Bruff
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Modern Technology Solves Former Tragedies

Eye cataracts can be one of the most distressing aspects of aging. Some people never suffer at all, while others begin to show signs of cataracts very early on in life. Some people in their thirties or forties will have significant cataract problems, and even children have been seen with eye cataracts.

New technology means that eye cataracts are not the disaster they once were. In the past many skilled and professional people would have to take early retirement because blurred and failing vision due to eye cataracts meant that they would not be able to see to continue working, or even getting about by themselves. This potential tragedy can now be alleviated with one quick, painless visit to a skilled laser eye surgeon.

Surgery for Eye Cataracts

A tiny incision is made into the eye and the cornea and cloudy material are removed. The new artificial lens is inserted into the eye and the incision is closed with tiny stitches to hold everything tightly in place until the eye heals. Laser surgery means that this is a highly accurate and highly successful surgery now.

Ophthalmologists advise patients to seek early treatment for eye cataracts as this is the best way of ensuring good results. At the first sign of eye cataracts, make sure you book an appointment with the specialist who will examine you and outline the proposed treatment for you. You will probably be given a choice of lens implants, and your surgeon will explain the pros and cons of each different option so that you have a clear idea of what to expect.

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