Gel Reading Glasses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For anyone who has a bad track record with eyeglasses, gels are a good choice. These fun examples of reading glasses are made from TR90 memory plastic, so it's actually quite difficult to break them. If you sit on them, or step on them, they'll usually just get bent out of shape a little. Not too difficult to have them looking like new again. Scojos are a good example of this.

They're lightweight and compact, so that you can take them with you without much trouble. The lenses are scratch and impact resistant, so that if you should forget to put them back in their case when you're finished with them, they're unlikely to come to much harm. One more benefit is that the Scojo lenses provide unusually clear visual clarity.

Gel Provides Superb Comfort

The fact that they're attractive and robust is just part of the reason that so many people buy gel reading glasses though. Because they're flexible, they're also adjustable. You can bend them and shape them so that they fit you perfectly for maximum comfort.

They come in a wide range of colors, and you can even get tinted lenses. Equally popular with young and old, they look fun but smart. For what you're getting, you'll find that gel reading glasses come with a very reasonable price tag. In fact, it's so reasonable you might like to buy several pairs to match your favorite outfits.

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