Half Reading Glasses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many of us have experienced that unsteady feeling you get when you stand up to do something, forgetting that you're wearing your full frame (full eye) reading glasses. Switching focus can cause confusion if you're not careful. This is why so many people prefer bifocals to full reading glasses.

If you don't wear prescriptions eyeglasses, yet you read a lot, this problem can become annoying. Fortunately though, there's a solution. We're all familiar with the look of half reading glasses, even if we don't realize what they are. These allow you to see easily over the top of your reading glass lenses when you change your focus away from the page, or other close work you're doing. This eliminates confusion and dizziness.

Slim Readers

Instead of the original half-circle shape that used to be the only choice, there are now dozens of slim readers that have a very narrow, elongated lens. If you want half readers you should be searching for slim readers. These are the most elegant reading glasses, and they totally eliminate the problem of switching focus.

Half reading glasses are also sometimes known as half frames, or even half eyes. So to get a really good idea of what's on the market, search under all these terms. If you do wear prescription eyeglasses, a better choice for you would be no-line bifocals.

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