Lasik Enhancement

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Need LASIK Enhancement?

While most people who have LASIK eye surgery are no less than thrilled with the results, some patients decide that there is room for a little further improvement in our eyesight. If this is the case, we may opt to go for LASIK enhancement surgery. The more vision correction is needed to begin with, the more chance there is that you'll need LASIK enhancement.

So if you had a serious vision problem before LASIK surgery, such as extreme myopia for example, you may need to return to your LASIK surgeon for further treatment. LASIK enhancement will not be performed if less than three months has passed since the original LASIK surgery, because vision often takes a while to stabilize. If it has been more than six months since your LASIK surgery, then the surgeon will most likely need to make a new LASIK incision. Also, it's worth mentioning that although you can expect really good results from LASIK surgery, you may not get a perfect 20/20 vision if you were severely visually impaired beforehand.

Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

Of course it could be that you weren't so lucky in your choice of LASIK surgeon first time around, and that you need to find a better surgeon to perform LASIK enhancement for you. If you weren't happy with your first LASIK surgeon for any reason, and you're looking for someone else to perform LASIK enhancement, then please follow our recommendations for finding a reputable LASIK surgeon second time around! If you follow our recommended procedure then you can be confident that you'll get good results.

To begin with, look at how many surgeries the surgeon has performed. Look to see how many times this surgeon has had to perform LASIK enhancement on his patients. You'll be looking for a rate of 8 percent or less! Even if on a patient-for-patient basis your chosen LASIK surgeon looks like the best in LA, don't be tempted to go for it unless he is a fully certified LASIK surgeon. The criteria should never be cost, but rather who is the best surgeon.

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