Los Angeles Lasik

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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For citizens of Los Angeles, LASIK surgery has turned the haze of bright lights into the brilliant detail of a city in motion. For thousands of people who have spent a lifetime relying on contact lenses and glasses, or simply settling for less-than-perfect vision, LASIK surgery offers an easy, painless way to regain 20/20 sight. Through high-technology lasers with pinpointed precision, countless vision conditions have been perfected, for people of every walk of life in Los Angeles. LASIK has corrected vision for those suffering from myopia and hyperopia to presbyopia and astigmatism.

What Is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery, or Laser ASsisted Intra-stromal Keratomileusis, poses a quick and painless way to recover clear vision--sometimes in as little as a few hours. Through the use of an instrument known as a microkeratome, a thin flap of corneal tissue is opened gently, allowing a high-tech laser to perform optical corrections. After the quick procedure, the flap is closed, sealing nearly immediately.

During these moments of surgery, the precision Excimer laser sculpts the eye, in accordance with your eyes' specific needs. State-of-the-art computers guide the entire procedure--and you can rest assured of their accuracy. These high-end lasers were developed by IBM initially in the 1970s, to encode and etch intensely intricate and delicate computer chips--and have only advanced since that time. This means that only the most accurate and highly sensitive lasers are used during the LASIK procedure, for the utmost in accuracy and safety.

This sophisticated LASIK technology is one popular and highly effective option for vision correction. Among the types of poor vision that can be remedied through LASIK are myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (blurring due to uneven curvature), and presbyopia (up-close reading problems). LASIK has even consistently proven effective for those whose vision is so myopic that they are termed "legally blind" (with vision of 20/400 or worse).

Finding a Reputable Los Angeles LASIK Surgeon

In a fast-paced city such as Los Angeles, one certainly suffers without the benefits of correct vision. Visual entertainment abounds, and the natural beauty of Southern California can be lost on those who experience less-than-perfect vision. In fact, the sheer act of driving with any level of visual impairment can prove to be a risky experience in rush-hour traffic (not to mention California law's requirement that corrected vision be at least 20/40!).

Because of the demand for Los Angeles LASIK surgery, residents of the metropolitan area need to know whom to trust with their vision. Those interested in undergoing LASIK surgery benefit most from becoming well-informed, and finding a surgeon who encourages questions and who will meet with them personally. Recommendations are priceless, of course--nothing compares to the successful and rewarding experiences of those you know speaking on behalf of a particular Los Angeles LASIK surgeon's skill and care.

Choose a surgeon who has performed numerous procedures with highly successful results (more than 1,000, at least). Seek out an enhancement (a second, "touch-up" surgery sometimes needed) rate of eight percent or lower, and always check board certifications and licensure, no matter whom you choose, or how successful their Los Angeles LASIK practice seems to be. Additionally, it's usually a good idea to request to speak to patients and even view an actual surgery. A confident surgeon will most certainly agree to allow you to observe an actual surgery, and your own peace of mind and confidence will only increase by watching the brief procedure.

Is Los Angeles LASIK Surgery Right for You?

Depending on your particular visual acuity and optical health, your surgeon will inform you about your candidacy for LASIK procedure. A good surgeon will offer other specialized options, encourage you to wait, or even discourage you from undergoing LASIK, in the event that surgery is not well-suited for you. However, for the majority of those seeking Los Angeles LASIK surgery, the procedure provides them with a wonderful way to ensure they can clearly see each and every star--from Orion's belt to Hollywood's Walk of Fame .

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