Magnifying Reading Glasses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Though most of us need to wear reading glasses at some strength sooner or later, occasionally strong reading glasses are needed as a result of an occupation or hobby. Some close work needs a high level of magnification, as with gemology, or stamp collecting for example. The reading glasses that we would normally buy don't meet their needs, so hobbyists require something with a little extra magnification.

These types of reading glasses can be thought of as a magnifying glass in eyeglass form. Obviously, eyeglasses are a lot more convenient to use than a magnifying glass that requires a hand to hold it. In actual fact though, many hobbyists find that strong reading glasses are adequate for their needs. The strongest magnification for ready-to-wear reading glasses is 4.0. The weakest is 1.0.

See More Clearly

There are a number of ways of increasing the magnification of reading glasses you already own. You could use clip-ons over your existing frames. Or you could use stick on bifocal lenses. These solutions should only be used if there is nothing wrong with your vision and you simply need magnification for close work.

If you have any vision defects, consult with a professional first. If you find that normal magnification offered in off-the-peg reading glasses is not sufficient for your ordinary reading requirements, you may need to see an optometrist for prescriptions lenses. Non-prescription eyeglasses are only for use by individuals who have consulted an eye care professional and who are certain they have no underlying vision problems.

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strong reading glasses

If you need strong reading glasses I think it is important to get your eyes tested. I used to use cheap reading glasses but my eyes kept getting worse and worse so I got them tested properly. My near vision is really bad now and for some tasks like reading the newspaper I need to use a stronger magnifier. I have a magnification dome which really helps me.