Optx 20 20

Written by Patricia Skinner
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A new product from Optx 20 20 is a perfect example of how developing technology is providing us with tremendous advances in vision and eyecare. The new science of polymer optics have given us solutions to vision problems that have troubled eyeglass wearers everywhere for generations. You can now get amazing stick-on polymer lenses to transform any pair of eyeglasses into bifocals.

In case you're worried about damaging the surface of your lenses, there is reassuring news. These stick on lenses adhere by means of particle attraction, which means that all you do is moisten them and they'll stay firmly in place. When you want to remove them, just peel them off, and they can even be reused. Absolutely no adhesives of any kind are used. This also eliminates the likelihood of allergies; many of us are allergic to adhesives, and especially if they are used in close proximity to our noses.

Versatile Stick On Lenses

The possibilities with stick on lenses are endless. You can transform all of your eyeglasses, or just one pair. You can transform you sunglasses too. This is a possible solution to everyone's reading problems. No more juggling with several pairs of glasses, and no more straining to read. In addition, stick-on lenses are a great solution for anyone who has just undergone eye surgery and needs a temporary solution.

For a low-cost reading glasses alternative, stick on lenses will leave no residue on your lenses. You need never worry that they will spoil your expensive eye wear. Also you don't have the worry that you will change your mind once you've applied the lenses. Because they come off so easily, you can change the function of your glasses in a flash.

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