Phakic Iol

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Phakic IOL and Vision Correction

There are a certain percentage of people who are unsuitable for laser eye surgery for one reason or another. For these people, until very recently, there was no other option apart from glasses or contacts. But now there's another choice.

A fairly new kind of surgery for vision correction is called Phakic IOL implants. Phakic IOL implants, the IOL stands for intraocular lens, are generally used for extreme forms of hyperopia or myopia, so they are a great choice for people who have been refused for LASIK surgery because their vision problems are too severe. Phakic IOL offers new hope for people who are determined to try and do without their glasses or contacts.

What Is Phakic IOL?

With Phakic IOL, which can be described as having contacts implanted in your eye, the surgeon will make a small incision in your cornea and implant a plastic lens in the anterior chamber of your eye. This way of correcting severe refractive errors is fast becoming popular with eye surgeons because it has a high rate of success and a fast recovery time. It has proved to be a highly predictable way of dealing with refractive disorders.

Of course, like any other kind of surgery, there are risks associated with Phakic IOL implants. With any kind of implant, infection is a possibility. If this happens the implants may have to be removed. There are some side effects experienced in a small percentage of cases, and these are generally similar to those experienced by laser eye surgery patients.

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