Stick On Reading Lenses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Even for those who have been wearing prescription eye glasses all their lives, there will probably come a time when they need additional reading glasses. Developing presbyopia as the years wear on is pretty inevitable for all of us. It can be very frustrating to juggle with more than one pair of glasses. However, there are several great solutions to the problem.

You may opt to carry on with two pairs of glasses; this will work if you don't do much close work. Or, you can go to your optometrist and ask to have your prescription eye glasses made up as bifocals. This may involve a lot of extra expense as you'll have to have new lenses. Some types of frames cannot be reused, so this could prove a costly and wasteful exercise for you if you have spent a lot of money on eyeglass frames that you love.

The Nifty Reading Glass Solution

Another very ingenious solution is stick on reading lenses. You can make any pair of eyeglasses into bifocals with this amazing invention. At very little expense you can transform as many pairs of glasses as you like. You can either buy the stick on lenses that are the right shape for your glasses, or trim them if necessary.

There are so many possible uses for these new, reusable polymer lenses. You can even transform your sunglasses in a flash. Just in case your new bifocal arrangement isn't what you expected, you can remove the lenses. This should reassure you enough to try this economical option at least once before you go ahead and have new glasses made.

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