Tinted Reading Glasses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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While most shoppers pick tinted reading glasses because they simply like the look of them, there are a few practical reasons for choosing tinted lenses. First, they will cut down on glare. This isn't always advisable or desirable. If you work in a dim area where the lighting is not too efficient, tinted lenses may make it more difficult for you to see.

If you work in an area where there is an abundance of light, however, you should be okay with tinted lenses. Some of us experience eye strain from the glare of the page if we have to read for long stretches of time. Tinted lenses should help to alleviate this problem.

See Your World in a Rosy Hue

Many people love the idea of tinted lenses because it gives them a chance to look at their world through "rose colored spectacles." It's true that a pinkish tinge does make everything seem a little rosier. Blue, however, can make your world seem cold; so be careful. Amber is probably a good compromise, and it will go with any color you wear too.

If you habitually need reading glasses for working outside, but not in bright sunlight, then tinted reading glasses would be perfect for you. Gels come in a wide range of tinted lenses. They're also quite robust, being made of flexible memory plastic, so they're doubly good for an outside setting.

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