Tube Reading Glasses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For reading glasses that have their own neat little case, and can be toted anywhere, try tube reading glasses. Many major eyeglass manufacturers are now making tube reading glasses. Scojo is just one example. Their Popeyez range is extremely popular, being both elegant and colorful.

I Mag is another example of tube reading glasses. These are for the gadget geek. They have a wonderfully slim profile in a high tech push button case that users love. These are very inexpensive for what you're getting.

Versatile Visualite Readers

Visualite slim readers come in a range of different styles and seven different powers so that you can get the exact strength you need. This is very important to give your eyes the rest they deserve. These come in several different colors and have adjustable nose pads for total comfort.

If you're up for something top of the line, opt for Slimfold reading glasses. These are superbly engineered by a Japanese firm and slip into a very attractive satinized aluminum case when you're not using them. They're not cheap, but they are beautiful and very practical.

For one of the slimmest tube cases of all, try the Eye Stic Magnetic Reader. You can attach these to any metal surface such as the fridge or the dash board for safe keeping. No more searching for your reading specs.

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