Wavefront Lasik

Written by Julie Bruff
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Wavefront LASIK offers precise, custom-made laser corrective surgery, developed especially for your own unique eyes. Because each eye has its own individual patterns of "abberations," a wavefront analyzer called an aberrometer can help assess your eyes' particular needs. By closely mapping and then remedying these abberations with LASIK surgery, visual problems such as halo, glare, and night-vision limitations can be minimized significantly.

LADARVision and Wavefront LASIK

The LADARVision flying spot laser takes advantage of this cutting-edge wavefront LASIK technology to deliver a customized treatment for your specific eyes. With the active eye tracking of the LADARVision laser system, your doctor can further ensure that your cornea is reshaped propertly, leading to clearer and more precise vision. While the small spot of the LADARVision allows for intricate precision like never before, the eye-tracking feature ensures that treatment is delivered with consistent accuracy.

While wavefront abberation mapping has been used in other scientific disciplines for decades, the FDA stamped its approval on custom cornea wavefront-guided LASIK procedures in October, 2002. While the wavefront LASIK experience itself is similar to other LASIK procedures from the surgical perspective, good candidates might find the benefits to be exceptional. Candidacy is based on factors such as pupil size, higher-order abberations, and corneal thickness. Ultimately, your surgeon will be the best judge as to whether you might find Wavefront LASIK beneficial, or even viable.

Using LADARVision technology, you doctor can help you experience the cutting-edge advantages to Wavefront LASIK treatment. With Alcon's "Capture-Match-Treat" method, LADARVision can give you the ultimate in custom cornea wavefront-guided surgery. The accuracy and effectiveness of this method is fast-making LADARVision the preferred method of treatment for LASIK surgeons in Los Angeles and beyond.

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