Body Fat Scales

Written by Robert Mac
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Body fat scales have come a long way from the bathroom scales of your youth. Not only can they measure your weight, but today's body fat scales can also calculate your percentage of body fat, hydration levels, metabolic rates, and more. For a better understanding of your fitness level, get a complete analysis with a modern scale that measures fat percentage as well as weight.

How can body fat scales determine so much information? Technology plays a big part. For example, Tanita body fat scales send an electrical current through the body and calculate the percentage of muscle and fat by how fast the current travels. They are just as easy to use as traditional scales, but far more informative.

Some Body Fat Scales are Built for Two

Because today's modern scales use digital processors, it's easy to add other computer-like functions. For instance, some models can store weight and body fat data for two people to mark your progress over time. Other models can compare your statistics to the recommended healthy levels for people of your age and gender.

Most people are concerned about their weight, but an even more important indicator of health is their body fat percentage. Body fat analyzers and scales are the easiest way to get measurements of your body fat; previously people would have to use calipers or underwater weighing techniques that were awkward or time-consuming. With today's technology, finding your body fat takes just 30 seconds of standing on a high-tech scale.

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