Bodybuilding Training Program

Written by Amy Hall
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A bodybuilding training program will teach you about resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and eating to build muscle. A good program does not just focus on weight training, but on all of the components of a healthy fitness plan. If your goal is to build some serious muscles, you will probably take a slightly different approach than you would if you just wanted to lose fat and tone up your body.

In terms of natural bodybuilding, you will want to focus your efforts on resistance training, hitting the gym for a weight training workout 3-5 times per week, at 30-40 minutes per session. Only work one to two muscle groups during one session, and allow those muscles 5-7 rest before working them again. Your muscles grow the most during the rest and recovery stage, so taking time off between sessions is vitally important.

Customize Your Bodybuilding Training Program

Whether you are a man or woman, you probably want to have a toned body. Men often prefer the look of big biceps and ripped abs, while women opt for a softer, more feminine look. Most women don't have to worry about bulking up, because it just is not biologically possible to do so. However, women can still tone up significantly through a good bodybuilding training program that leaves them toned and lean.

Men, on the other hand, will bulk up with consistent weight training. If you are just starting out with a resistance training program, consult a certified personal trainer either in person or online to get some expert advice on how to proceed. As always, check with your doctor as well to make sure you are in good health and able to take on such a workout program.

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