Cardiosport Heart Rate Monitors

Written by Robert Mac
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Cardiosport heart rate monitors are fitness calculators that can track your activity levels over different training sessions, giving you all your vital statistics: high, low, and average heart rates. Some heart rate monitors even allow you to upload your fitness data to your computer, where you can view the information with a trainer or doctor. These wristwatch-sized monitors are fully functional clocks, too, with alarms, countdown timers, and calendars.

Like most healthcare electronics, Cardiosport heart rate monitors vary in their functions. Some have audible indicators for when you reach certain heart rates--they let you know you've hit your threshold or if your workout has become too easy. Others have backlighting, color displays, and calorie counters. Those may be just bells and whistles; the important thing is monitoring your heart rate.

Cardiosport Heart Rate Monitors Give Immediate Feedback

Your heart rate is the most direct indication of your current fitness level. Other health-related counts, from cholesterol to body fat, change more gradually over time and are secondary indicators of your condition. Your true fitness is a measure of how hard your heart has to work to provide oxygen to your muscles; your body's efficiency hinges on your heart.

Cardiosport heart rate monitors give you a direct line to your current heart rate: they use a chest transmitter to send your heart data to the monitor on your wrist. Knowing your heart rate--and the limits of what your heart can handle--is the first step in designing an exercise program to increase your fitness. As with any workout regimen, consult a trainer or doctor and read as much information as you can on fitness programs.

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