Core Strength

Written by Amy Hall
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If you take part in Pilates workouts either from home or in person, you will hear the term core strength over and over again. The premise of Pilates workout routines is to focus on the muscles that are located at the core of the body, mainly the abdominal muscles and the back muscles. However, when you perform an exercise, you are typically incorporating all of your muscle groups in order to maintain proper form.

This may sound easy, but it is anything but easy, trust me. If you have ever watched someone perform some Pilates moves, he or she may have made it look simple. Usually, a person who can perform Pilates exercises and make it look simple at the same time has been practicing this method of body conditioning for a long time. It takes a lot of practice to develop true core strength.

Building Your Core Strength through Pilates

Every single Pilates posture or movement you perform uses the abdominal muscles. The idea is that if you build up the strength in your mid section, you will be able to eliminate back problems, you will stand taller, and your body will simply be able to function better. In addition, you will soon feel more limber, and your sense of balance will improve significantly.

If you cannot afford a private session with a certified Pilates instructor, have no worries, because you can still build your core strength using online workouts. All you have to do is log onto the Web and choose the workouts that you want to do. You will have expert guidance throughout the workout, to ensure that you are performing each exercise properly. Remember, with Pilates, the name of the game is proper form. If you can only do a few movements with proper form, rather than many movements with improper form, always opt for the former. You can build up to more repetitions as your body becomes stronger.

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