Excercise Pedometers

Written by Robert Mac
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Exercise pedometers--or step counters--allow you to quickly and accurately check your step totals and compare them to your fitness goals. Some of the high-end walking pedometers will tell you your walking speed and even figure out how many calories you've spent. Exercising without any plan of attack or organized schedule can be inefficient; using a step counter is a simple way to track your improvements over time.

Fitness experts now recommend walking as the safest way to transition from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one. In fact, the magic number is 10,000: that's how many steps you should take in an average day. Exercise pedometers tell you exactly how many steps you take now and are useful tools in increasing your total to the recommended number.

Exercise Pedometers Keep You on a Healthy Track

Walking is considered one of the easiest activities, especially for those who rarely exercise. However, inactive people shouldn't just starting putting in 10,000 steps a day; this plateau needs to be approached gradually. Using exercise pedometers, you can find your daily step average, determine how much you want to increase it, and then plan a walking regimen to increase your fitness level.

In time, you will be accustomed to your new activity and you'll want to up your steps even closer to 10,000. At that point, your pedometer is more than just a counter; it's a motivator as well. By charting your daily, weekly, and monthly step totals, you will quickly see your progress to a healthier life--it's a journey that starts with ten thousand steps.

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