Fitness Trends

Written by Amy Hall
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Fitness trends certainly have a way of sweeping in with gale force winds and then quietly retreating into the background to make room for another trend. Anyone who is an avid exerciser can probably recall the latest fitness trends that have monopolized the fitness business in the last five to ten years. Perhaps it was eight years ago that indoor spinning became the ultimate workout craze.

People were fighting over spots in the spinning classes in order to burn fat and work up a sweat. Then there was kickboxing and Taebo, which also promised to burn the fat right off your thighs and hips. And of course there has been a big emphasis on yoga and pilates, which work to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and beat stress.

Fitness Trends that Are Worth Following

Basically, fitness trends that turn into lasting exercise programs do so because they produce the results that people want to see. If people did not find that yoga does in fact help them reduce their stress level while sculpting their muscles, they would not do it. Likewise, spinning, kickboxing, and pilates have all stuck around for the long haul because they work. People get results when they follow these exercise programs, so they stick to them.

The key to sticking with an exercise program is finding something that you enjoy doing. You are not going to get up at five in the morning every day and hop on the treadmill if you despise the treadmill. What will get you up and moving is something that makes you feel good and delivers results. Fitness trends may come and go, but the real trick lies in finding the one that makes you the happiest.

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