Garmin Fortrex

Written by Robert Mac
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The Garmin Foretrex is a satellite sensor, stopwatch, trip meter, and personal navigator--and it straps on your wrist. Weighing in at 2.75 ounces (less than most wristwatches), the Garmin Foretrex is one of Garmin's most advanced GPS watches. It uses Global Positioning Satellite technology to keep tabs on your location, and a host of other features to log race times, travel routes, and waypoints.

The Foretrex does it all. Combining the elements of a high-end stopwatch with Garmin GPS technology, this handy gadget can track your location from satellites within 3 meters. Since it follows your position, it is an accurate measure of the distance you've traveled; factor in a timer and the old formula from high school (rate x time = distance) and it will figure your speed, too.

Take the Garmin Foretrex Off the Beaten Path

You don't need a map when you take the Garmin Foretrex with you. Using its TracBack feature, you can wander anywhere--a different city or the great outdoors--and it will guide you back to your starting point by storing electronic markers. It's perfect for hikers who trek away from the campsite and can't follow a road or use landmarks to orient themselves.

The Foretrex stores thousands of specific points, up to 20 reversible routes, and other essential navigation information through its GPS sensor. It is a multi-functional stopwatch, too: you can time races or simply track the distances of your trips, runs, or leisure walks. Other features include a built-in rechargeable battery, waterproof ability, and computer interface for uploading your data.

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