Garmin Gps

Written by Robert Mac
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Garmin GPS training devices let runners and walkers work out with a virtual partner and ensure that they'll never worry about getting lost. These GPS watches (Global Positioning Satellites) are personal navigators that provide longitude and latitude data for training while you're on the road, for nature expeditions, or any time you're in unfamiliar territory. And since these Garmin GPS watches are packed with features, you're able to track your speed, distance, and the calories you've burned while exercising.

What makes Garmin GPS watches more complete than regular stopwatches is their GPS system. Not only will you never be lost, but the GPS sensor marks where you are, where you were, and where you want to go--you can create an electronic trail of breadcrumbs wherever you meander to easily get back to your starting point. Some watches, like the Garmin Fortrex, have a GPS sensor with an accuracy of 3 meters, perfect for when you hike or run in areas you've never visited.

Go Off-Road with Garmin GPS

Adding a satellite to your sport watch lets you work out anywhere and everywhere. Business travels, for instance, can chart the location of their hotel in a strange city and take off running--their watch will guide them back no matter how many twist and turns they take. Or use Garmin's TracBack technology in the wild on camping or hiking trips.

Garmin products are also fully functional timers: you can configure start sequences for races, plot speed and distance goals for workouts, and set alarms for all sorts of events. In fact, you can program your watch to beep when your workout pace is faster or slower than your desired rate, or when you've reached a certain destination. All this is possible through Garmin's precise GPS accuracy.

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