Get In Shape

Written by Amy Hall
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If you want to get in shape, you must get physical; it is as plain and simple as that. Some people make the mistake of thinking that if they eat well, they will be in shape. Unfortunately, there are various components that go into being fit, and diet is just one of them.

Eating a well-rounded diet that is high in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, lean meats and fish, and dairy products is vital to good health. But to get in shape, you must actually exercise, by incorporating cardiovascular exercises with strength training. Some exercises, such as Pilates workout routines, get the heart rate moving as well as implement muscle toning.

This is what you should strive for when you want to get in shape, as a good balance of resistance training and cardio can melt away fat and increase your lean muscle mass. The best part about Pilates workouts is that you can use your own body as the resistance you need for strength training. You do not need to buy expensive equipment, but you can purchase resistance bands and a fitness ball for some variation if you would like.

Get in Shape Quickly with Pilates

Another bonus to doing Pilates workouts is that you can get in shape relatively quickly. If you devote 10 minutes a day for Pilates exercises, you should notice a significant change in your body after only one month. This is great news if you don't like to wait around forever to see the results of all your hard work.

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