How To Get 6 Pack Abs - How To Use The Exercise Ball To Perform 3 Great Abs Exercises

Written by liukawa
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How to Get 6 pack Abs - How to use the exercise ball to Perform 3 Great Abs Exercises

Exercise balls,being a highly versatile piece of exercise equipment provides plenty of ways to help improve your strength, balance, flexibly and co-ordination. Compared to working on a flat surface, your body needs to respond to the instability of the ball to remain balanced and by doing so, many body muscles will be engaged. These muscles will become stronger over time in order to keep the balance. Most frequently, the abdominal muscles and the back muscles will be developed the most in the process of keeping your balance.

In this article, I will highlight the 3 GREAT ABS exercise that can be executed with the exercise ball and they are as follows :

1) Exercise ball ab crunches
2) Stability ball hip flexion (knee tucks)
3) Stability Ball Plank Holds

Great abs exercise 1 - Exercise ball ab crunches

Stabilize your body on a stability ball by finding your balance point for performing a crunch movement (your lower back will be on the top of the ball). Then simply crunch your upper body up while keeping your fingers on the sides of your head, chin up, and feet planted flat on the floor. Try to hold the top of the crunch for 2 seconds while forcefully exhaling and holding a tight contraction of the abdominals. To make this exercise more challenging, you can move your arms straight out behind your head. For more advanced trainers, you can hold a medicine ball or weight out behind your head while completing the crunch . The addition of medicine ball in the exercise will add more resistance to the exercise making it more effective.

Recommended reps : 1 set x 10

Great abs exercise 2- Stability ball hip flexion (knee tucks

Start with your arms in a push-up position and your shins balancing on the top of a stability ball. Tuck your knees in under your body as you roll the ball closer to your hands and elevate your rear. Your back will come up in a hunched position and your abs will contract if done properly.

Recommended reps : 1 set x 12

Great abs exercise 3 - Stability Ball Plank Holds

Stability ball plank holds are similar to floor planks, but the instability aspect of the ball will make this exercise much more challenging to your abs and core than standard floor planks. To do stability ball planks holds, position yourself on your toes and with your forearms on the top of a stability ball. Be careful if you've never tried this before as it takes quite a bit of balance. Hold the plank position on the stability ball while you make slight 1-inch movements back and forth in every direction with your elbows to make this even more challenging. Try to hold this for 60-90 seconds. Super-studs can try for over 90 seconds hold time on this one.

Recommended reps : 1 set x 30-60 seconds

Now that you have learned how to use the exercise ball effectively,be sure not to miss using this excellent tool the next time you hit the gym !

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