How To Get 6 Pack Abs - The Top 8 Bad Ab Exercises To Avoid (part 1 )

Written by liukawa
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How to get 6 pack abs - The TOP 8 bad ab exercises to avoid (Part 1 )

We are often being bombarded with the constant flow of information from infomercial on the various types of ab exercises. However, are all the ab exercises really that effective as promised? Well, in actual fact, not all exercises are as effective as they promised. As a matter of fact, some exercises can actually cause adverse effects on our body. Knowing the difference between exercises and EFFECTIVE exercises will help a great deal in your journey of " how to get 6 pack abs " the effective way.

Do keep in mind that the ultimate aim of any of your ab exercises should be STRIPPING away that irritating piece of flabby abdominal fats and concurrently DEVELOPING your abdominal muscles.

Not all exercises are able to achieve that. That's why, in this article, I will highlight the TOP 8 abs exercises
that should be avoided at all times and they are :

1) Lying straight-legged leg raises (first 45 degrees off of floor,one leg at a time or both at the same time)

2) Hanging leg raises with an arched back

3) Sit-ups

4) ANY machine-based ab exercise

5) ANY machine-based twisting exercise

6) Torso Twists

7) Standing Toe-Touches

8) Crunches

1st bad ab exericse to avoid - Lying Straight-legged leg rises

This exercise is only good for exercising the LOWER abdomen but NOT for your abs. Don't waste your
precious workout time on this exercise if your goal would be to develop your abs.

2nd bad ab exericse to avoid - Hanging leg raises with an arched back

When the back is arched, the leg raises is useless in building the abs. Hanging leg raises only
works great when you are doing it with a straight back.

3rd bad ab exericse to avoid - Sit-ups

Sit-ups are usually done while anchoring your feet or keeping the legs straight along the floor. The hands are then kept behind the head or neck, and the upper body is then being lifted. Doing sit-ups this way actually strain the lower back and will tend to target the muscle of the hips and thighs rather than the abdomen.

4th bad ab exercise to avoid - machine based abs exercise

All these so called amazing abs machines are designed and built for the sole purpose of mere strengthening of the abdominal muscles. When it comes to burning abdominal fats, these machines or gadgets are totally useless! Moreover, the machines are still far less effective than floor, hanging and standing abs exercises.

I will be covering the last 4 bad ab exercises to avoid in my article "How to get 6 pack Abs - The TOP 8 Bad Ab Exercises to Avoid (Part 2 )"

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