Muscle Toning

Written by Amy Hall
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Muscle toning is just as important to physical fitness as cardiovascular endurance. While it is true that many cardiovascular exercises use major muscles, they do not really work them enough to increase lean muscle mass. Cardio is done more to lose fat than anything else. However, muscle toning does not require that you spend an hour in the gym every day lifting heavy weights.

In fact, Pilates exercises emphasize core strength and muscle toning. When referring to core strength, I am talking about the muscles in the mid section of the body, specifically the abdominal and back muscles. All Pilates exercises utilize these core muscles, as well as the muscles in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Over time, these techniques yield some amazing muscle toning results that will absolutely astound you.

Muscle Toning with Pilates Techniques

I remember the first time I tried some Pilates movements with an instructor. The reason I remember it so vividly was because I could not get over how challenging it was to hold a simple position for 15 seconds, using my abs to maintain proper form. I was literally shaking because my muscles had never been subjected to such a regime.

I kept with it, and over the course of about six weeks, I was amazed at how these muscle toning exercises really changed the way my body looked. I actually had toned muscles that looked fantastic in any type of clothing. For the first time ever, I was not shy to put on a bathing suit or wear shorts. Pilates is a superb total body workout that truly exposes all the lean muscles you have in your body.

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