Muscle Toning For Women

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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For anyone confused on the subject, "weight training" and "muscle toning" are the exact same thing. When men work out with weights, it's referred to as "weight training;" when women work out with weights, it's called "muscle toning." These gender based statements were originally used to calm those who believed simply picking up a five-pound weight would result in Popeye-like arms. Though we certainly know more now, the terms have stuck, and typically women "tone" and men "build," even as we use the same 10 pound dumbbell.

Muscle Toning: Building a Beautiful Body

If one is "toning" muscles, then she is building muscles. The difference lies not in the activity, but in the perception and in the desired result. A "toned" stomach, for instance, would be one that is smooth and flat, as opposed to displaying a hard six-pack.

Weight training can, of course, be accomplished with dumbbells and weight machines. However, one can also tone/build muscle by performing weight resistance exercises. Some examples of weight resistance exercises would include squats, push-ups, yoga, and Pilates.

Toned bodies can be accomplished by weight resistance exercises alone. However, the visual "payoff" won't happen as quickly. If one does prefer a yoga or Pilates workout, it's useful to know lifting weights--even just a few minutes per session--can dramatically shorten the time before results are seen.

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