Omron Pedometers

Written by Robert Mac
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Omron pedometers are the perfect way to count your recommended daily 10,000 steps. Based in Illinois, Omron Healthcare strives to provide accurate medical and wellness products, and is a sponsor of the American Heart Association High Blood Pressure website. Their walking pedometers and other healthcare products use the latest digital technologies to improve their precision and ease of use.

Omron caters to both the medical community as well as consumers; there are a number of Omron pedometers available to the average citizen. They produce simple step-only counters, calorie counters, and even make digital pedometers that incorporate the newest know-how in a sleek design. Omron wants to make it easy for you to count your steps and measure your progress.

Omron Pedometers Are Made for Walkin'

. . . and that's just what they'll do. Omron pedometers come with a one-year warranty, so you can walk for 12 months without concern--or without counting each step along the way. The medical community recommends simple exercise more now than ever, and nothing is simpler than a stroll. While you're at it, strap on a step counter and mark your progress toward a healthier life.

The Omron HJ-002 deluxe step counter is slim and weighs less than an ounce (and that includes the battery!). The HJ-105 calorie counter tallies steps, miles, and the calories you burn. Omron's newest pedometer is the HJ-112; it's an all-digital premium pedometer that does it all, even distinguishing between walking steps and aerobic steps that burn off more of your calories.

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