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Written by Amy Hall
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An online personal trainer is the perfect solution for all the busy people out there who want to get in shape, but continuously feel pressed for time. Getting in shape is hard work, and it requires dedication and lots of motivation. That is where people usually fall short on their fitness goals, because without the proper motivation and support, it it all too easy to call it quits.

So, how do you accomplish your fat loss goals through an online personal trainer? Well, it is actually a pretty simple concept and just requires you to log onto your computer as many times a week as you find necessary. Your training will begin with a one hour phone consultation, where you can discuss your goals, your concerns, and ask any questions you may have. Then, a personalized plan will be drawn up for you that includes proper diet and nutrition, workout programs, including cardiovascular exercise and weight training, as well as nutrition advice.

Get Fit with Your Online Personal Trainer

When you begin an exercise program, it is so important that you understand the basic concepts behind fat loss and lean muscle gain. Some people actually gain weight when they first begin working out, which can be discouraging if you are looking for quick fat loss results. But, the key concept here is that you are replacing fat with muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat.

In essence, you may weigh more, but your body is actually getting stronger and leaner, and you are losing that unwanted body fat. This is where an online personal trainer can help. When you get discouraged, or you have questions and concerns, a trainer can put your mind at ease by not only supplying you with accurate information, but encouraging you to continue on with your fitness goals.

As we age, it just gets more difficult to maintain an ideal weight if you are already fit, and it is even more challenging to lose body fat, especially if you are severely overweight. But, absolutely everyone can get into shape, regardless of age or gender. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort, and with dedication, you will begin to see the transformation in your body for the better.

Forming a Fitness Plan

You and your online personal trainer will work closely together to put together a plan that will help you reach your fitness goals. If you really do not have a lot of body fat to lose, but just want to firm up, you can discuss weight training options that will optimize your muscle tone for a sleeker look. If your fitness goals include both fat loss and increased muscle tone, you will find out what to eat, how many calories to consume, how often you should perform cardiovascular exercises, as well as suitable strength training exercises for you.

Getting in shape can be challenging, but it does not have to be impossible, or completely without fun. Sometimes the best way to get into shape is to hire a personal trainer, who can act as a guide and a source of motivation. In addition, you might want to reward yourself when you reach your weekly or biweekly goals. For instance, some people go shopping as a reward, while others splurge and get an ice cream or something similar that they have otherwise cut out of their diets.

Let an online personal trainer help you reach your goals. The pages of this guide will discuss different options for losing body fat and toning up your muscles. Always keep in mind that it is important that you discuss your fitness goals with your doctor before you begin, simply to assess your overall health and get the green light. Good luck with your fitness plan. . .you can do it!

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