Pedometer Walking Programs

Written by Robert Mac
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Pedometer walking programs make it easy for you to track your walking mileage over an extended period. Use these figures to gauge your rate of improvement--it's easy to increase your fitness when you view it over a few weeks. You can use digital pedometers to track your program's totals over longer periods of time, and even calculate the calories that you're burning.

You've already seen them: people walking around briskly with pedometers on their belts. More now than ever, people are looking for easy ways to exercise and pedometer walking programs are just that: you can exercise with very little equipment, almost anywhere, and at your own pace. And using step counters makes monitoring your exercise program simple, whether it's your daily steps or your monthly totals.

Pedometer Walking Programs Get You Up to 10,000 Feet

Experts suggest people walk 10,000 steps a day; obviously, some people walk that much now, but many more don't even approach that amount. You don't have to do it all at once: pedometer walking programs allow you to create a regimen that builds toward that number. You could count the steps yourself during your walks, but a pedometer does it for you, so you can enjoy the scenery.

Any program that you commit to will provide the support and encouragement to continue improving your fitness. Using a step counter lets you see that improvement as a real number--a large, positive number--that motivates you even more. Improving your health is an easy when you break it down into simple goals that you know you can meet.

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