Personal Trainer Certification

Written by Amy Hall
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More and more people every year enter the fitness business by getting their personal trainer certification. Becoming a personal trainer has many rewards, including monetary satisfaction as well as personal satisfaction. Trainers help people reach their fitness goals by showing them the correct way to perform exercises, providing motivation and support, as well as giving tips on eating well.

A personal trainer certification is the ticket to a lucrative career for many people, which is why there are so many schools and certification centers offering courses in the United States. However, not all certifications are created equal, so you should do a little background checking before you sign up. ACE, which stands for the American Council on Exercise, offers some great personal trainer certification programs that are by no means easy to pass. If you sign up with ACE, you will learn what you need to know if you put in the time and effort.

The Coveted Personal Trainer Certification

Aside from ACE, there are also some other great programs out there, but it really is up to you to learn about them. In reality, many people take week-long crash courses, then sit for an exam, and if they pass, they are considered certified personal trainers. Would you, as a client, want to go to someone with one week of training behind them, or someone who had to undergo the rigors of an ACE certification program and/or four years of college for exercise physiology degree? It really is a no-brainer.

Remember too that your credentials can help you draw in more clients. That's not to say that you have to have your doctorate in exercise science, but it helps if you have your certification from a reputable school. It also helps if you are fit yourself, and have the personality to motivate and support your clients. Aside from these requirements, all you need is a little know-how in terms of marketing yourself, and you will begin to grow your business.

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