Personal Trainer Jobs

Written by Amy Hall
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Personal trainer jobs are plentiful, which is excellent news if you are considering becoming a personal trainer. If you already hold a personal trainer certification, you may know firsthand just how big the fitness business is. With this big business comes big competition though, so it is vital to your success that you learn how to gain an edge over other trainers in your area.

While personal trainer jobs may be many, the salaries can vary substantially. For instance, you may not be able to make as much per hour if you opt to work for a gym. In most cases, you will have to split your hourly fee with the owners of the gym. So a $50 personal training session will only put $25 in your pocket. Some trainers like to go this route in the beginning, though, in order to gain experience in the field.

Independent Personal Trainer Jobs

If you decide to branch out on your own, you can make more money per hour simply because you won't have to split your fees with anyone. Some independent personal trainer jobs bring in a hundred dollars an hour, or even more in some areas of the country. If you are a trainer to some of Hollywood's big celebrities, you can charge more than a hundred bucks per session! This is not a bad gig.

However, getting to the point where you have famous people as your clientele takes some good marketing plans. It takes much more than exercise knowledge to become a highly paid personal trainer. It takes the know-how to market yourself well without spending a fortune of your own money on advertising.

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