Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Written by Robert Mac
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Polar heart rate monitors come in a variety of styles and are programmable for your unique fitness program. Whether you run, swim, or bike, these heart rate monitors let you track your vital heart statistics during individual workouts or over the long haul. To reach your fitness objectives, you need to work out at the right intensity, and Polar heart rate monitors keep you on pace.

There are dozens of Polar heart rate monitors with more than 60 helpful functions--one is right for you. Choose from simple watch functions (electronic timers and alarms) to infrared data transmission from your HRM to your computer. Polar also has functions designed specifically for swimmers and cyclists who want an accurate measure of their exertion level.

Let Polar Heart Rate Monitors Guide You

Heart rate monitors are your own personal trainers--they tell you when to pick up the speed or slow down to conserve energy. They aren't designed to argue or complain, just to do their job. A trainer is only as good as your training program is, so it's important to make certain that you are using your HRM to its fullest extent.

Your heart rate is the most accurate measure of the intensity of your workout, so monitoring your heart rate is essential. The success of your fitness program shows in the efficiency of your heart; over time, your heart rate will decrease as it becomes healthier. Polar heart rate monitors have a number of exercise features that allow you to establish your own exercise goals and monitor your progress easily.

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