Portable Scoreboards

Written by Robert Mac
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Portable scoreboards make sporting events more official. These large digital timers and scorekeepers, like the Ultrak multi-sport scoreboard, keep fans and players alike informed of the game's time and current score. No more guessing who's in the lead or how much time is on the clock--these portable scoreboards are just like being in the big leagues.

By using portable scoreboards, any activity--from children's soccer matches to adult's basketball games--becomes more official and more important. With the clock ticking down and the crowd chanting along with it, the players will have the feel of being part of something special. Plus, everyone involved will know the score, keeping the drama of competition heightened until the final buzzer.

Portable Scoreboards Let You Take the Game on the Road

The advantage of portable scoreboards is their portability: you can take them to the basketball court or the swimming pool. If you are a coach and want to raise the stakes for your athletes, a large digital scoreboard is a great motivator. Seeing their score up in lights makes all their hard practice more rewarding.

Ultrak, who makes a number of fitness and sport timers, has a scoreboard that can be programmed for a variety of sports. It has a remote control for easy use, and can be viewed 150 feet away. A digital scoreboard takes the game to the next level--and the players will appreciate it.

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