Step Counters

Written by Robert Mac
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Step counters just might be the simplest way to measure your progress in a dedicated walking program. Clip them on, push a button, and start walking: the journey to fitness begins with the first of many steps. Experts suggest as many as 10,000 steps daily, and pedometers will let you tally your totals so you can monitor your activity level.

There are a number of step counters to choose from when you are ready to embark on a serious walking or exercise program. Some are plain and simple, counting just your steps, while some high-end exercise pedometers can calculate your speed or the number of calories you've burned. Generally, the simplest step counters are probably all you'll need if you are just starting to walk or jog on a regular basis.

Step Counters Keep You in Stride

Such a simple device: a tiny gadget that keeps track of your every step. Yet, at the end of the day, you can mark your improvement over yesterday's total. As the numbers continue to rise over the weeks and months, your counter has become a great little motivator and exercise companion.

Some fitness authorities suggest not even exercising when you first get your step counter; use it first to get your average non-exercising total. When you find your daily number, say 1500 steps, then you can put a plan into place and work toward a higher goal, eventually trying to reach 10,000. Step counters are a great method for keeping tabs on your improvement.

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