Tanita Body Fat Scales

Written by Robert Mac
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Tanita body fat scales are marvels of technology. These advanced body fat analyzers can determine the make-up of your body within 30 seconds--and all you have to do is stand still. Tanita's design is ingenious: you stand on a footpad that sends an electrical current through your body. By examining the data created by the current, it calculates your muscle and fat composition.

There are a number of ways of obtaining an individual's body fat percentage, including such cumbersome methods as underwater weighing. Tanita body fat scales use the revolutionary method of bioelectrical impedance analysis, or BIA. Simply put, this method is based on the principal that electrical impulses travel at different speeds though different materials . . . including bodily components such as muscle tissue or fat deposits.

Tanita Body Fat Scales are the Current Favorite

None of the other methods of ascertaining body fat percentages measure up to the accuracy, convenience, or simplicity of the BIA technique of Tanita body fat scales. Although popular during their heyday, these other methods use old technologies while Tanita relies on modern microprocessors to do the bulk of their work. By analyzing the rate at which the electrical currents pass through your body, these body fat scales can determine your weight, body fat, and body water percentages.

Since these scales are all digital, they perform a number of other health-related functions with ease. For instance, some models compare your fitness stats to the recommended numbers for healthy people in your age and gender category. Some other functions include calorie counters, weight recall features, and statistical graphing of fat percentages over an extended time.

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