Walking Programs

Written by Robert Mac
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Walking programs are the easiest and safest way to adopt a more active lifestyle. Most Americans are overweight, and a lack of exercise is one of the reasons. Dedicated walking programs let you slowly move out of a sedentary lifestyle and begin enjoying a more healthful one.

Fitness experts have recently suggested a daily walking total of 10,000 steps. Walking programs let you gradually build to that total from your current daily average--for some people, this may be only a few hundred steps a day. Pedometer walking programs that tally your totals with step counters make keeping track of your steps easy.

Walking Programs Set Goals That You Can Reach

A walking program is a long-range plan. At the end is your ultimate, long-range goal; at the beginning is you and your current activity level. All you need to do is determine how many steps you'd like to increase, and over what period of time--then start walking.

Using pedometers, you can easily record you daily step totals and map them on a graph--and see how they continually improve. Watching your progress over the weeks and months is the best motivator of all. A good exercise program is a map to help you move out of a sedentary lifestyle.

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