Weight Loss For Women

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Contemporary cover girls notwithstanding, the sexiest women in the world are generally considered to be those ultimately confident in their own skin. Think about the women you actually know who don't just "look hot," but who really are. If they're anything like the gals I know, chances are they're not super skinnies, but rather have bodies that are attractive in a healthy way--coupled with confidence, a full laugh, and an energy saying they're comfortable with who they are.

Weight Loss for Life: Loving Your Body, Not Theirs

Self-image experts and fitness trainers agree that the first step to achieving one's weight loss goals is to make them realizable. Know what kind of body you've got (endomorph, ectomorph, or mesomorph), and what kind of diet and exercise regimen would suit it best. The best place to determine your body type is in the privacy of your bedroom, where you can stand naked in front of your mirror. Look at your body in as detached a manner as possible, as if it were a painting; find the areas which need improvement, but don't forget to acknowledge the areas which are already beautiful. Be honest with yourself, but also gentle. Love your body. Imagine your body in its perfect state, toned and firm.

The next step is to go through as many magazines as possible to find photographs of women who share your body type, in the kind of shape you desire. Beyond the American fashion and gossip mags, look also in fitness and lifestyle publications. Don't overlook European magazines--they are filled with photographs of beautiful, sexy women who aren't trying to meet the teenage aesthetic that Hollywood is currently churning out. Find photos that inspire you, and cut them out; put them in your fitness journal, in your diary, or on your refrigerator. These are important reminders that your goals are realizable, that your body type is beautiful.

Finally, get going. If the idea of going on a diet and starting an exercise program seems overly intimidating, then compromise: leave your eating habits as they are, double your water intake, and start going to the gym. Of course it's best to employ both, but if you feel you have to make a choice, choose activities over diet. Once you start to see results, chances are you will find the motivation needed to incorporate further changes.

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