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Winsor Pilates

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The average American is out of shape, over weight, and stuffed with reasons for why he or she is unhealthy. "I don't have the time." "High-impact cardio is too tough on my body." "I can't handle the extreme diets." If you've uttered these or similar words, you recognize America's frustration with health.

However, four million people in America and worldwide have discovered a health program that works within their daily time and energy constraints. It's called Winsor Pilates, a form of the Pilates Method for body sculpting. Developed by Mari Winsor nearly 20 years ago, Winsor Pilates tones and sculpts your entire body while helping you lose fat and inches with easy-to-follow low-impact exercises.

The first question people often have about Winsor Pilates concerns its ability to burn fat and trim inches without high-impact cardio. The key to Winsor Pilates, and what makes it unique, is a technique called "dynamic sequencing." Through dynamic sequencing, you perform a combination of exercises in a specific order and rhythm designed to give your body the best bang for its buck. Rather than disperse your efforts across your entire muscle landscape, Winsor Pilates focuses you on your "powerhouse," those core muscle groups (abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks) that, when strengthened and supported, give your body the streamlined, sculpted, flexible look and feel so many Americans crave.

Just Twenty Minutes a Day, Three Days a Week
Winsor Pilates is ideal for people who have little time for exercise. Requiring only 20 minutes a day, three days a week, the workout can be done at home before dinner or during a lunch hour. Since no equipment is required, one could feasibly conduct the workout while travelling. Another benefit of pilates is its low-impact nature, making it easy for people with joint problems or certain health conditions to participate.

You may be asking yourself how just twenty minutes a day can help you burn fat when, traditionally, we are told that optimal fat burning occurs in the last fifteen minutes of a forty-five minute workout. Though Mari Winsor does recommend that you supplement your pilates workout with aerobic exercise, you can still see results with pilates alone. This is due to the fact that Winsor Pilates builds your core muscle groups, and the more muscle mass you acquire, the more fat your body burns.

What Results Can I Expect?
As with any exercise or diet program, results dramatically vary. They depend on your age, your body type, the amount of weight you need to lose, and what your goals are. However, for such a fuss-free program as Winsor Pilates, the success stories it has are very encouraging.

In 12 weeks, one woman lost 14 pounds and 19 ½ inches. At the age of 73, another woman was impressed to lose 8 pounds while gaining a bounce in her step that made her feel "like a younger woman." One man lost 30 pounds and six inches while also healing a football injury.

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