Women's Health Information

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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In days of old, women looking for health information were pretty much limited to the knowledge of their family doctor and the reliability of the local old-wives-tale-network. Today, there are nearly limitless sources of information on every conceivable topic that affects a woman's physical and emotional health. The Internet, in fact, contains a wealth of information, provided you know how and where to look.

Women's Health and the Web: The Truth Is Out There

There are multiple online medical sites that feature sections dedicated exclusively to feminine health. WebMD, for instance, is one very well known medical website. If you prefer a more holistic approach, rest assured that there are plenty of trustworthy alternative medicine sites, too. Also, don't overlook online pharmaceutical databases, which are full of useful information. Articles on medical websites are often electronically footnoted as well, providing links to their original source material.

Other good resources for women's health information are the websites for feminine products. Kotex, for instance, has an informative website that speaks frankly about menstrual issues, covering subjects like toxic shock- and pre-menstrual syndromes. Sites like these are designed specifically to address the fears and concerns of young women, by using tone and language that is neither intimidating nor condescending.

Other sites that are useful sources for women's health information include the Oprah main page, which lists a wide variety of topics, with links to further useful websites. In fact, many of your favorite health and fitness magazines, clubs, and other organizations have impressive "electronic libraries" on their own websites. Granted, many of these websites do have a product to push, but the best ones will go light on the sell and heavy on the useful information.

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