Avacor And Hair Regrowth

Written by Michael Federico
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Avacor is one of the many products that carry the As Seen on TV label. This hair loss treatment is the subject of numerous infomercials. Each of these extended ads attempts to illustrate how Avacor can slow the hair loss process and how it can actually stimulate hair regrowth.

Avacor is a combination of chemical and natural hair loss treatments. There are caplets or tabs that consist of bilberry, horsetail, ginko biloba, and other organic substances. However, these supplements are taken while a topical solution containing minoxidil is used. Minoxidil, which is also used in Rogaine, is a DHT inhibitor. Blocking DHT production is essential in combating most cases of pattern baldness.

Using Avacor

Avacor follows the same three-step process as many hair loss treatments. Oral supplements are taken daily. The minoxidil topical formula is applied twice daily. A revitalizing shampoo is used every day for about the first week, but it is used only two or three times a week after that. Using all three products during the process is supposed to give users a better means of attacking hair loss on all fronts.

Avacor is generally used for three months, six months, or one year. Packages cost approximately $240, $370, and $500, respectively. The producers of Avacor say that it can be used by a person regardless of how far along he is in the hair loss process. Avacor is not currently available in stores. It can only be purchased over the Internet. There are not many websites that carry Avacor, but there are a number of websites that have independent reviews and testimonials about the product.

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