Balding Treatments

Written by Michael Federico
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Balding treatments are not all subject to FDA tests and approval. Even if the substances used in remedies are proven to be safe, their effectiveness is not always tested. There are some companies that produce balding treatments, both natural and synthetic, that have allowed their products to be tested. Many of these products have been shown to combat pattern baldness and to create stronger, thicker hair in those who use them.

Differentiating between the large numbers of balding treatments on the market can be difficult. There are creams, shampoos, pills, and of course, surgery. Some treatments allow a person to keep the hair he has, others claim that they can actually regenerate hair. Synthetic, or chemical based products, often come with side effects. Natural products do not usually have side effects, but they can cause some allergic reactions. Before using a specific balding treatment it is important to fully understand the ingredients involved. This is much easier with items that have been tested and reviewed by health and medical organizations.

The Three Steps of Natural Balding Treatments

Botanical based balding treatments use methods that have been practiced in other cultures for hundreds of years. Many botanical treatments use a three-product system that is designed to attack balding both internally and externally. Gel caps, topical serums, and shampoos are used in conjunction over an extended period of time. Different people who use the product will see results at a different pace, but three months is usually a suggested minimum.

The three-step process requires a person to take one vitamin (usually in cap form) every morning and every evening. Before going to bed each night, he will also apply one ML of topical serum directly onto the hair loss areas of the scalp. Finally, the specialty shampoo will be used a few times a week. Each botanical product can be purchased separately, but most companies that deal in these products suggest that a person has a much better chance of stopping baldness if he uses all three.

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