Bay Area Hair Restoration

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you suffer from hair loss and you live in the San Francisco area, you're lucky enough to be in a region where some of the world's best hair restoration specialists have their practices. Since hair restoration is a relatively new art form, it is often difficult to find doctors who are experienced and know how to perform the procedures correctly. Fortunately, the bay area is one of the best places to find this type of specialist.

Facts About Hair Restoration

As common as male pattern baldness is (it affects at least 50 percent of men aged 50 and over), it's surprising how little the average person knows about it. For instance, all the commercials and advertisements we see offering products to help fight baldness have misled many people to believe that baldness is actually reversible. In fact, areas of the scalp that have stopped growing hair simply cannot (at least at the time of this writing) be made to grow hair again.

Keeping this fact in mind, doctors in the last few decades have sought out other solutions for giving men their hair back. One of the most intriguing (and effective) solutions is hair restoration surgery. This type of surgery utilizes healthy hair follicles on the back or sides of the head to return hair to regions that have become bald.

The first step in hair restoration surgery is surgically removing strips of scalp from regions on the head where your hair is still growing. These strips are then transplanted to other parts of the head that have become bald. Within a few months, these transplanted strips of scalp (complete with active hair follicles) begin growing hair where there previously wasn't any.

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