Beta Sitosterol And Hair Loss

Written by Michael Federico
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Beta Sitosterol is present in some of the natural hair loss products on the market. The problem with most natural hair treatments is that they have never actually been proven to stop hair loss, let alone stimulate hair growth. However, the presence of Beta Sitosterol has made a few natural treatments extremely effective in treating androgenic alopecia, which is more commonly known as pattern baldness.

Testosterone plays a major role in hair loss. It converts itself to dihydro testosterone (DHT) and finds its way into hair follicles and the base of hair shafts. DHT makes hair thinner and growth cycles shorter until, eventually, certain parts of the scalp are completely bald. Beta Sitosterol blocks the production of DHT. This has been studied by the FDA, so unlike many natural hair loss remedies, those that use Beta Sitosterol actually have some scientific research to back up their claims.

Using Beta Sitosterol Hair Loss Products

Many hair loss products do not attack the problem from all angles. They only affect one area of the scalp, leaving the rest untreated. The best treatments, of course, work on all areas of the scalp. Using Beta Sitosterol in a variety of products allows a person to remove DHT from hair before it can do any harm, and to provide better overall coverage.

There are shampoos and conditioners that feature Beta Sitosterol. They are usually used a few times a week, and a person can use his regular shampoo afterwards if he wants to. There are also topical creams that are applied directly to the scalp. Using several Beta Sitosterol treatments together is one of the best ways to aggressively go after the causes of pattern hair loss.

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