Written by Michael Federico
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DHT (dihydro testosterone) is considered to be a major cause of pattern baldness. The 5-alpha-reductase (5AR) enzyme converts testosterone to DHT. After the conversion occurs, the newly formed substance attaches itself to hair follicles. This act cuts down the hair growth cycle, which over time, leads to decreased coverage of the scalp.

While DHT production is a major problem for men's hair, it can also cause baldness in women. Even though women have less testosterone than men, there is enough to convert to DHT. Also, women over 40 will often see a decrease in estrogen. Estrogen is good for hair, and when it is depleted DHT has a better chance of taking hold and doing damage.

Using DHT Blockers

The most successful hair loss treatments are generally those that use DHT blockers. These can come in the form of pharmaceutical or natural supplements. DHT blockers are also present in a number of specialty shampoos and conditioners. These products can be used on their own or as part of an entire hair loss treatment. Often, using a combination of products makes it easier for one's system to halt the DHT conversion process.

Using products that are designed to block the production of DHT can help stem the hair loss that occurs in pattern balding. These products, whether they act as a topical or internal solution, attack DHT and remove it from hair follicles before it can cause serious damage. When used properly, DHT blockers should keep hair at the temples, crown, and vertex (the spots most affected by pattern baldness) healthy and in place.

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