Does Avacor Work

Written by Michael Federico
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Avacor is one of the many hair loss treatments on the market today. Like most of these products, the legitimacy of Avacor is often called into question. Avacor treatments consist of three separate parts, a minoxidil topical treatment, a revitalizing shampoo, and natural supplements. Minoxidil has been shown to contain properties that fight hair loss. However, treatments that use it like Avacor and Rogaine have had inconsistent results over the years.

Most hair loss products advertise by showing before and after photos of past users. Without fail, there are two or three men who were deep in the process of pattern hair loss when they began using the product, and by the end of the treatment they had almost complete scalp coverage and their hairlines had been restored. There is no reason to believe that these examples are false. However, they should not be seen as the norm. A number of people who use Avacor will experience a slow down in hair loss, but the majority, it seems, do not undergo hair regeneration.

Is Avacor the Best Hair Loss Solution?

Avacor takes pieces from chemical hair loss solutions and from natural hair loss solutions. Many believe that the combination makes it one of the better products on the market. However, the results from minoxidil are generally unpredictable, and many natural substances have absolutely no effect on hair growth.

Price wise, Avacor is comparable to many other treatments on the market. There are strictly natural solutions, though, that cost a bit less than Avacor and have been reviewed by the FDA. While Minoxidil has been tested and proven to have attributes that can assist with hair regeneration, it has also been shown to cause a number of different side effects in many who use it. Before committing to this As Seen on TV product, it might be beneficial to check its success rates against the top natural solutions and against strictly chemical solutions like Rogaine.

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