Drug Free Hair Loss Treatments

Written by Michael Federico
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Drug-free hair loss treatments are not often subject to the FDA tests and studies that pharmaceutical treatments undergo. This has led many to write off natural hair loss treatments as ineffective. However, there are natural alternatives to drug based products that have been tested and have been proven to combat pattern baldness in most cases.

There are different types of drug-free hair loss treatments. Most consist of natural supplements and creams, which are taken and applied on a regular basis. Some of the most successful natural treatments use Beta Sitosterol and Saw Palmetto. Both of these naturally occurring substances have been shown to block the production of DHT, a major cause of pattern baldness.

Benefits of Drug Free Hair Loss Treatments

Ads for hair loss treatments almost inevitably end with a list of possible side effects. The side effects that can occur when using drug treatments can include stomach pain and diarrhea. Many treatments can affect sexual performance, and some are incredibly dangerous for pregnant women who are urged not to come into contact with broken pills.

Most natural treatments do not have side effects. Also, unlike many chemical treatments, they do not have to be taken forever. While many drugs claim they work within in a few months, people can experience increased hair loss as soon as they stop taking the drug, and they have to start the treatment all over again. There are many drug-free treatments that are not legitimate, but those that are can be far better tools in hair loss prevention than the more expensive, more risky, pharmaceutical products.

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